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"I was again impressed with the overall quality of the claim files. Investigations were completed within a few days of the loss. This coupled with the prompt contact probably contributed to the reason many of these claims are resolved without the involvement of plaintiff counsel."

"I wanted to let you know how exceptional I find your investigative and reporting skills….The art of proper claims handling has been replaced by mere processing by many carriers. And, as we all know, processing results in increased expenses and loss payments."

"…This is the best, most aggressive TPA with which I have ever worked."

“They have been readily available for meetings, phone calls, and on site visits as needed. They provide detailed reports and excellent on-line access to claim information. In my experience their communication on all aspects of claim handling has been outstanding.”

MC A FEW OF OUR CLIENTS Scottsdale Ins. Co. Ware Industries Zurich North America
Interstate Realty Mgmt. Western World Ins. Co. City of Milford Houston Casualty Co.
Maxum Ins. Jockeys Guild The Michaels Org. Marlton Affordable Housing Ins. Co.

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